Principal's Message

Sapatgram College, a pioneering institution of higher learning in Bilasipara West Constituency, was established on 7th August 1972. It is pertinent to mention that brilliant students of Higher Secondary Arts and Bachelor of Arts courses has been enhancing the glory of this coveted institution over the years. It is our endeavour to build in our students of an analytical and inquisitive mind-set, in-depth professional knowledge, a passion for achieving milestones and a socially desirable outlook. We firmly believe that our students bear all the qualities, virtues and capabilities to handle multifarious problems and challenges that confront the business world in general and the society in particular. However, in this fast changing world where traditional education is making a shift from traditional teaching to virtual world. We cannot remain complacent with the present system of imparting education through chalk and talk only but have to supplement it with the adequate use of technology. The glorious journey of 45 years will always serve as beacon light to create a knowledge.

Dr. Rajeswar Prasad Singh

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