Indoor Stadium cum Auditorium

Our college boasts of a spacious Indoor Stadium-cum-multipurpose facility. The stadium has facilities fortable tennis, badminton and other indoor games. The gallery can accommodate more than 700 audiences and is a perfect venue for hosting cultural programs and other large gatherings. In the absence of an auditorium, the Indoor Stadium is being used as an Auditorium. There is a large stage in the building and as an auditorium it can accommodate more than 1500 audience.

Facilities for Girl Students

Common Room facility is available for the girls with separate washroom drinking water and other essential infrastructure and CCTV has been installed in the important places in the campus for the purpose of safety and security.

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities

The college has well defined policies and procedures of maintaining physical, academic and other support facilities. The maintenance and utilization of physical, academic and support facilities are continuously monitored by the Academic Council, Library committee, Hostel Management Committee, Planning Board and Sports and cultural committee and IQAC of the college. The Academic Council which includes the Head of all departments along with Principal, Vice Principal and the Coordinator of IQAC identifies the requirement of maintenance of areas individually which are addressed in the Academic Council Meetings and the same is passed for approval. Assessment for maintenance of various physical, academic and other support facilities of the college has been conducted at the beginning of the academic session by the Academic Council and necessary measures are taken for their maintenance and up gradation. Utilization of various physical facilities viz. classrooms, furniture etc. vary in different extents. The Library committee monitors, identifies and maintains the library facilities and other resource for their optimum use. Policies for using the college library are framed by the library committee and detailed outline of the rules and regulations governing the use of library resources have been displayed in the library reading room, notice board as well as in the prospectus and college website. The Girls’ Hostel Management Committee monitors, identifies and maintains the hostel facilities for its optimum use of it & appoints a hostel warden for smooth running and management of the Hostel. The Planning Board plans the renovation, augmentation of the general infrastructure and beautification of the campus. The Sports and Cultural committee monitors, identifies and maintains the connected facilities. The IQAC monitors, identifies and supports the required physical and support facilities of the college. Employees (Sweepers) are in place to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene in the college campus. Also, NSS of the college occasionally undertake cleaning programme in the campus. College canteen is monitored by the canteen management committee which looks after the hygiene and quality of the food served. The general water supply (Plumbing) and drinking water outputs (Drinking Water Purifier) are regularly monitored and maintained by hired services. The maintenance of Electric works is done regularly by hired technician from local farm. While purchasing an equipment from any fund, it is always ensured that the installation charges and maintenance charges (within warranty period) are provided by the company, which delivers the equipment. Such clause is inserted in the work order of the equipment. Maintaining of Academic facilities include both physical part & human part. The maintenance of physical part has already been discussed. The maintenance of the human part inclusive of both teaching and non-teaching sections. Utilization of teaching section of Human part of the academic support facility is executed through formulation of appropriate routines for teaching, learning, examination & other likely activities. At the same time, they are also included as members in various committees under Teachers’ Council & Administrative subcommittees of the college. Utilization of nonteaching section of the Human part of the academic facility is executed through the existing norm such as joining of the teachers, release of the teachers on transfer, etc. of the Assam govt. for govt. colleges.

Central Library

The college using Soul 2.0 software and the Central Library is fully automated. Library provide OPAC device to students and faculty members to have access books by subject, Author, Accession no and title. The total numbers of books in library are about 20748 including 2529 reference books. The library has browsing centre, Xerox & Printing facility, and reading rooms for users. The Central Library has subscriptions of e-ShodhSindhu Membership and contains 195809 e-Books, 6293 e-Journals. The library has also a guidance and counselling cell. The Central Library also have RFID facility.


College canteen remains open from 9am to 5pm. It is under the supervision of a contractor who is generally an ex-student of this college. There is a Canteen Supervisory Cell which looks after the smooth running of the canteen, regulates the prices of food items and inspects the quality of the food items. The canteen has sitting arrangement for students & for the teachers. The tea and food items of the teachers are also served in their respective Common Rooms.
Members of Canteen Supervisory Cell are :
1. Dr. R.P. Singh, Principal
2. Dr. H. F. Basid, Coordinator, IQAC
3. Mr. A. K. Adhikary-Convener
4. Mr. A. Narzary, Co-convener
5. Mr. M. H. Choudhury
6. Dr. A. B. Mondal


A gymnasium is located in the college. Various facilities like treadmill, multigym and ab machine are available apart from weights and dumbbells. Weights of different segments are available for training students in power lifting. Instructors are available exclusively to train students in various equipments.

Principal Quarter

The Principal’s Quarters have been built with UGC grant in the college campus. There is a plan to build some staff quarters.

Guest House

The college has constructed a Guest House out of the UGC grants. The Guest House was a necessity of the college in this rural area.

Women Hostel

Sapatgram College has a Women’s Hostel constructed with the UGC grants in two phases. The Women’s Hostel is situated within the college campus in a healthy and secured environment. It is adjacent to the Principal’s Quarter. The hostel has its own set of rules and regulations which are strictly mandatory for all the boarders.

Smart Class Room

The Smart Class Room has been constructed in the college with the grant from State Government in 2015-16. ICT classes are held in this room where interactive sessions are held. Such things have immensely benefited the students. Seminars, Special Lecture or Talks by various resource persons are also held in the Smart Class room for the students and the teachers as well.

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