ECONOMICS The department of Economics was started as one of the significant part and parcel of this college’s education with the very establishment of the college in 1972. Since the opening of the department it has been up kept that Economics is a multi faceted subject which truly recognises the global dimensions that are of increasing importance in today’s diverse but dynamic socioeconomic context. Even though the department of economics was one of the founder department of Sapatgram college, yet the major was started only from the year 1980 onwards. Since then the department has produced many students who have exceled in their academic career and have achieved many milestones. The founder teachers of the department are Mr. S. K. Dutta, Mr. A. Bhaduri. The teachers currently serving in the department are mentioned below – 1. Mrs Smriti Rekha Barman (HOD), MA, SLET, M.Ed 2. Miss Carolyn S Rengma , MA, NET 3. Mrs Manisha Singha, MA, SLET 4. Dr. Jogomaya Paul, MA, NET, SLET, Ph.D.

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